Intermat Stealth Coatings

"Deserts take up about one third (33%) of the Earth's land surface". Land warfare planners and of course soldiers in the field cannot ignore that fact. And desert background is dominant in the majority at some of the "hottest" areas around the world and some of them are surely candidates to host the next Theatre of Operations.

Very high temperatures, flat areas for miles and miles, no trees, no obstacles: No place to cover, no place to hide.

Real Images taken from 3rd GEN Reccon Aircraft

The scenario is trivial: insurgents or "failed states" guerillas, adversaries, whatever names you give them: they have access to heat seeking and imaging devices (thermal imagers and sensors, missiles both anti-tank and cruise type). Practically they are easily accessible and can threaten soldier's lives and multimillion weapon systems day and -most important - night.

More than that: HUMVEES and Tanks, MLRS and SAM's, Missile Launchers and Command Centers -not to mention Recce, Special Forces and Tactical Intelligence Units- operating in flat desert environment are susceptible to heat-seeking missiles and devices. Heat seeking devices spread all over within the Theatre of Operations are a serious threat to all Force-Multipliers deployed.

If you have a quick look around in the desert you will discover more: Ammo depots, acres of oil installations, power plants, strategic facilities, airfields, helipads, shelters, gas-tanks, military camps, weapon systems sites, radars or satellite installations: a perfect high-valued target for salvo missile attacks. The heat-seeking sensors will be activated over the target area at the final approach phase of trajectory and detonate on the "hotter" spots.

Let's face the reality: No soldier will ever manage or even try to deploy a camouflage net under desert conditions to cover and hide lives, assets and facilities.

You cannot be hidden in the desert...

Intermat has the solution: anti-thermal coatings. Simple, effective, camouflaging day and night, 24/7.Performing both in visual and thermal spectrum, far better than common anti-IR coatings, as Intermat's coatings perform in near-IR, mid-IR and Far-IR spectrum.The result? Stealth effect or Full Stealth effect:

Stealth effect= Thermal Signatures to be reduced down to or ideally lower than background noise,

Full Stealth effect= Thermal Signatures are reduced so low that even the asset is detected engagement is virtually impossible. “Lock-on” is breaked! You can paint military vehicles, military installations and at last: "APPLY AND FORGET, COAT AND PROTECT".

Already proved in harsh desert environment, customized to meet any demand, capable to cover from a single vehicle to a wide area, providing anti-thermal stealth capabilities to valuable assets. No workload for personnel, no need to carry heavy bunches of fabrics and poles.

Now, coating evolves from a mere paint to a countermeasure against thermal imagers and foremost heat-seeking missiles and cruises.

Highest IR reduction of Intermat painted vehicles, weapon systems and strategic infrastructure reduces drastically the kill-probability from heat seeking missiles and threats by achieving either of:

1.Blending the thermal signature of Intermat painted asset with the environmental thermal signature

2.“Cooler” image in thermal camera and hence break the “lock-on” by enemy’s heat-seeking weapons (i.e. an anti-tank rocket/missile) when compared with thermal signature of a vehicle of same type but painted with normal paints (normal=not Intermat)

So, keep a reminder for your next mission: Intermat can hide you and save valuable lives and assets. “Paint it, Stealth it, Save it!”

“What I hate to see is people focus on survivability which means ‘if hit, don’t be penetrated or killed. A lot of survivability can occur before that kill chain, starting with ‘don’t be seen’. If seen, don’t be acquired. If acquired, don’t be hit. We have a tendency to focus on the wrong end of the kill chain.” Col. Brian Buckles, Program Manager Light Armored Vehicles, TACOM