Anti-Thermal/ Visual Camouflage on the go


• Chameleon’s skin is a visual and infra-red spectrum camouflage decal/self-adhesive applique manufactured as per international standards (ISO 9001) using fire retardant materials.
• super-lightweight & durable
• easy to apply and remove
• Available in woodland, desert, rocky, urban, arctic and other patterns

Beyond our ready-made camouflage patterns, Intermat’s technology is able to customize anti-thermal and visual camouflage decals for your particular environment no matter the complexity

Tactical-Operational Advantages

• Suitable for:
• weapon systems
• military assets
• equipment

where camouflage painting or use of other camouflage means is practically impossible:

optical instruments (e.g . laser range finders-optical instruments, radios),portable weapon systems (MANPADS, antitank weapons, portable firefinder Radars etc).

Intermat Paterns

Intermat Paterns

Chameleon skin camouflage patterns

“If seen, don’t be acquired. If acquired, don’t be hit. Survivability is starting with don’t be seen”

Col. Brian Buckles,
Program Manager
Light Armoured Vehicles, TACOM
US Army