Make it invisible


The high cost of modern assets and installations, necessitates the adoption of every possible measure against threats from air, sea, and land. Intermat products are passive to the environment and when applied they stay “alarmed” for a long time. Intermat countermeasures protect all assets and installations 365 days a year, blending their IR signature in any environment or season.

Since EO/ IR technology is employed by 80% of all weapon systems, it is fundamental to realize that every asset is exposed to detection. Intermat provides not just a paint but a technology as well as a permanent countermeasure towards thermal concealment.

Targeting systems are getting highly sophisticated and the ONLY way most end users are trying to defeat them is to build STRONGER armor against the ammunition but this has reached to a weight limit and airlifting restrictions.

We have effectively countered and we can say we have “defeated” the most high-end thermal sensors either airborne or ground based - onboard and man portable.

INTERMAT paint is the modern and effective solution against high tech targeting systems. It is cost effective, highly protective and simple to apply.

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Our products can be applied to:

  • Armored Vechicles
  • Infrastructure - Buildings
  • Aviation