Make it invisible

Armored Vechicles

“If it cannot be seen, it cannot be hit”

Using our paints we achieve to minimize thermal/IR signature and we manage to neutralize adversary’s thermal/IR detection and targeting capabilities.

As a consequence, adversary’s effective maximum ranges for target acquisition and weapon delivery are drastically reduced while friendly weapon systems ranges are exploited to the maximum. Hence the survivability of friendly assets and personnel is dramatically increased.

An Intermat painted platform is degraded to a low-grade blurred target that fades into the background clutter and is very hard to be detected and engaged.

You see first, you act first and engage adversary at your own terms.

Survivability is the key to win battles. Survivability starts with “Don’t be seen”.

Only Intermat products will provide you with such a Stealth feature. Successful concealment means reducing the exposure distance thereby increasing survivability and lethality of your asset.

 Armored image 1    Armored image 2

Strategic Leads

  • Detection distances are drastically reduced.
  • You see first, act first, and engage the enemy under your own  plan.
  • Your forces can approach closer and fire first; a sustainable advantage.
  • Survivability is dramatically increased.
  • The thermal/IR shape is altered and confusion buys more time.
  • Adversary's capability to engage and lock-on is reduced.