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About Us

INTERMAT SA is a company member of a Group of Companies headquartered in Athens – Greece, privately owned. Through funding exclusively from its owners, INTERMAT SA has developed innovative technology in the defense industry and has already become a major force in its field, accepted by important governmental and private actors.

Our Company is a pioneer in Stealth/Anti-Thermal/IR Technology Coatings (paints) and Materials for military applications that have been developed in-house after years of R&D and extensive field trials and evaluations. We specialize in the research, development, and production of Stealth/Anti-Thermal/IR/ coatings. Production is carried out under the highest standards, in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance provisions.

About us imageINTERMAT's management team consists of people having successful business presence for more than 20 years. The management team is supported by an innovative, experienced,  highly valued and skilled team of:

  • Scientists
  • Ex-military
  • Engineers
  • Technicians

The market to which INTERMAT refers is the defense of each country. Our core business objectivis tminimizassets’ (vehiclesweapon systems, critical infrastructure & buildings) and personnethermal / IR signature, senemforces on ground and in the air are not able to pinpoint them through EO/IR Imaging Systems, Sensors and heat seeking missiles.

There is no single source of opportunity for the defense industry, but INTERMAT's business consultants can navigate the defense industry and find opportunities to work directly with the Defense or supply chains for defense projects. We work closely with Defense, major contractors, research institutes, governmental and state and local actors, creating a network of knowledge and relationships.

Now that electro-thermal/IR technology is growing rapidly and targeting is easier, INTERMAT‘s products are more necessary than ever.

Our company is an active and official supplieer for NATO 's logistic agency NAMSA and for US Government through SAM (System Administration Management) site.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL): 9 (max) - Products are already in Service and Combat.

Manufacturer 's Readiness Level (MRL): 10 (max) - Products are deliverable under the highest quality level available.