Make it invisible

Company History


All started back in 1989. The idea was to create a simple and effective solution in a simple form – a paint, a coating as we prefer to call it – that would act both as a visual and anti-thermal camouflage mean. An “APPLY AND FORGET, COAT AND PROTECT” solution. After years of in-house research and development INTERMAT SA had successfully attained what felt like “a technology from the future” back then.

The idea became a mature product: coatings – our “Chameleon Series” - that when applied minimize and in some cases eliminate any vechicle’s or even building’s thermal signature. But it is not only this: INTERMAT SA owns the technology and the expertise to effectively adjust on customer’s operational and tactical expectations. Our technology is characterized by flexibility yet effectiveness as in Chameleon’s natural camouflage ability.


Our Offices


We firmly believe that the key to success is our constant support we provide to our customers. This philosophy has strengthened our processes so that we are now in a position of effectively serving our customer’s interests. Through this process we respect each country each cultural difference; because concerns differentiate, and different concerns apply to different regions. Offering an option to customize and fine tune our customer‘s order, sets INTERMAT SA at the forefront of this new era of Thermal Signature Management. Because likewise our coatings, we also adapt to each requirement so that we can serve our customer better.