Make it invisible

Company Profile


Intermat Group SA is pioneer in Stealth Technology Coatings, special features paints and materials for military use around the world.


Our special high tech paint protects and increases the survivability of valuable assets against enemy’s EO/IR sensors and heat seeking warheads and missiles. We manage to break the “lock-on” by enemy’s heat-seeking missiles and hence our product is a passive force multiplier for friendly forces.


We are able to provide highly customized cost-effective solutions and actually add an extra layer of defense to valuable military and strategic infrastructure.




INTERMAT’s significant contribution to Passive Defense. Production of Stealth/Anti-Thermal/IR Technology coating (paints) applied on various forms (coatings, adhesive tape for military assets, tire covers, ghillie suits, sniper suits etc).

With our products and technology we minimize enemy forces real-time capability to utilize friendly assets’ thermal signatures to:


Asset Painting

  • Detect
  • Recognize
  • Identify
  • Pinpoint

friendly target locations.


INTERMAT will have fulfilled its mission when all its customers have achieved their goal of safeguarding their military asset, stationary or mobile, from locating it by electro-thermal means.

INTERMAT SA develops and offers only the highest quality products and services.


  • Integration of our products and services into the defense market.
  • Promote products directly to all potential customers across the Gulf region and not just there.
  • Use our Business Technology to gain market share.
  • Providing our customers with quality products and services while maintaining high profitability.


For many years, we have gained a specialized position, helping in the defense sector, with their production processes, external costing and accelerating the above services. These services are treated in a one-on-one way, customers decide on the use of our various products, and then apply them to fixed or mobile materials.