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Our Premises

INTERMAT SA 's core business objective is to research, develop and produce Stealth / Anti-thermal / IR Coatings which minimize military assets (vechicles, weapon systems, critical infrastracture, buildings, personnel) thermal signature.

INTERMAT has succeeded in making available the most advanced technological achievement of electronic and thermal-type camouflage coatings. A knowledge that is tried, tested, and proved for the last decade.

INTERMAT coatings have been developed after many years of research and development. Our constant effort for proved effectiveness is verified by our close cooperation with many international institutions. Countless measurements and tests are taking place both in Greek (National Technical University, Centre of Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Greek MoD) and International laboratories (British “BRE”, German “FPL”, foreign Ministries of Defense). Through this process of testing and evaluation INTERMAT ensures that every recommendation and suggestion is designed for our customer’s individual requirements and lives up to their expectations and our promise. In addition, further performance tests are conducted that specifically relate to their customized order.

But most importantly, research is more than just testing, we do not define research as being a mainly chemical procedure consisting of chemical substances, bottles, equipment, and researchers. Further to the strict technical measurements, certifications, and ISO compliances, research is more of a process of input and feedback, experimentation and vision. INTERMAT employs a team of chemical engineers, advisors, and military experts, who play an equally important role by proactively contributing on ways to improve and achieve results tomorrow that may seem hardly feasible today. Therefore research is also a process of business development, where we listen attentively to our customer’s concerns and views. After all, their objective is of the utmost importance.


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Production facility is based in Greece, located in Athens very close to largest airport of the country, in Koropi industrial area. Some key-data on production facility:

  • 4,500 sq m.  area for production & evaluation/testing.
  • The production capacity in normal mode is about 25 tons per week.
  • Within our facility we can execute paints and additives production, Quality Control, Simulation of various environmental conditions in order to stress our materials and test them. More specifically, INTERMAT owns Paint Booth-Oven for application/application tests and instrumentation for environmental simulations.
  • Also, we own the equipment to execute small scale field evaluations day and night in order to optimize both materials and methods of application.
  • FLIR camera and special reflectometers/lab equipment are used for Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures.
  • Within our facility we produce and test our core product: Stealth/Anti-Thermal/IR paint and additives.