Make it invisible


INTERMAT has succeeded in making available the most advanced technological achievement of electronic and thermal/IR type camouflage coatings. A knowledge that is tried, tested, and proved for the last decade.

Our paints are not of common military paints or goods.  So we have taken them to the highest standards and performed full environmental, durability and other test under top laboratories and a full documentation is available for your technical experts. Countless measurements and tests have been carried out to reach the optimum performance results.

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Our paints comply with NATO STANAG 4319: Counter surveillance Requirements for Main Battle Tanks – Infrared / Thermal Aspects 1.9 – 14 microns waveband, as confirmed by our customers. 

Of course, environmental and safety standards are fully met. 

But, what we validate more is our exhaustive field testing results portfolio under some of the strictest military authorities around the world. 

That’s our most competitive credential: The battlefield proof.  

INTERMAT offers the following products: 

  • Thcorprduct - Coatingsthe Stealth Coating (paintavailable in all militarcolrs along with all needed components for application (primers, thinners, catalysts, etc.). 
  • The "Chamelens Skin"a decal (self-adhesive) rectangular tape whicis treated with INTERMATstealth paint and offerinstantly when stucon a surface both visual and stealth anti-thermal camouflage (no neeto paint).
  • The "Phantom Of War"Ghillie & Poncho Suits – Special fabric impregnated with our Low Observable (LO) – thermal/ IR technology. Double Protection! 
  • The "Spray Cans": the aerosol spray product is the solution for fast and small applications. 


Locating and engaging a target

Locating and targeting a target directly relates to the technical capability of the sensor equipment.

For Detecting and Recognizing a target the enemy must approach in a distance relevant to the technical capability of the detector of the sensor-camera.

During the process of detection, Intermat technology is critical as a method to evade fire. The process of locking on the target must necessarily employ information from the sensors. If sensors are deceived, detection and locking will be hardly feasible at present distances.

Intermat objective is to conceal the heat emitted from the asset and manage to deceive the sensors. As a result the probability of kill (PK) of the asset is significantly reduced. Having not enough information makes the adversary to approach closer with out realizing that he has already been detected by our Forces. Adversary is now exposed to fire.

Painting mobile and fixed targets with Intermat paints is a permanent countermeasure to concealing the heat emitted from the assets day or night, 365 days a year. Intermat technology forms a true protection against all Electro-optical / Infrared sensors.