What We Do

Intermat’s core business is to research, develop and produce stealth/anti-thermal coatings which minimize military assets’ (vehicles or installations and infrastructure) thermal signature.
Our coatings are applied on military vehicles, armor, howitzers, trucked or wheeled.

We are proud to conform to NATO STANAG 4319 “Counter-Surveillance Requirements for Future Main Battle Tanks Infrared / Thermal Aspects”

Also, Intermat’s products are applied on military installations and strategic infrastructure, such as hangars/shelters, air-fields, bunkers, oil and gas installations, missile and radar sites, communications and command & control and more.

What our coatings (paints) do is to keep in stealth mode all your assets (mobile and fixed). And Stealth technology, after military definition, is regarded as a combination of materials and methods which significantly lower the emissions of a target, thereby effectively decreasing the enemy's detection range.
In order to attain a Stealth effect the level of the Signatures must be reduced down to about the same as, or ideally lower than, the environmental background noise.
Full Stealth effect is achieved when the Signatures are reduced to such an extent that even if the asset is detected, engagement is virtually impossible.

Intermat can give you this stealth/anti-thermal effect within a coating.

See our Stealth Fabrics line at www.stealthsuits.com and Chameleon's Skin© at stickstealthsave.intermatstealth.com
“What I hate to see is people focus on survivability which means ‘if hit, don’t be penetrated or killed. A lot of survivability can occur before that kill chain, starting with ‘don’t be seen’. If seen, don’t be acquired. If acquired, don’t be hit. We have a tendency to focus on the wrong end of the kill chain.” Col. Brian Buckles, Program Manager Light Armored Vehicles, TACOM