What We Do

Intermat’s core business is to research, develop and produce Stealth/Anti-thermal/IR coatings which minimize military assets’ (vehicles or installations and infrastructure) thermal signature.
Our coatings are applied on military vehicles, armor, howitzers, trucked or wheeled.



Already approved by US Army and other NATO and allied to USA states

A tank which is well-camouflaged has over 50% increase in its survival rate in the battlefield. Effective camouflage can increase fire power and mobility. Using our paint we achieve to minimize thermal signature and we manage to neutralize adversary’s thermal detection and lock-on capabilities. As a consequence, adversary’s effective maximum ranges for target acquisition and weapon delivery are drastically reduced while friendly weapon systems ranges are exploited to the maximum. Hence the survivability of friendly assets and personnel is dramatically increased.

An Intermat painted platform is degraded to a low-grade blurred target that fades into the background clutter and is very hard to be detected and engaged.

You see first, you act first and engage adversary at your own terms.

A real force multiplier in the form of paint working 24/7 without any conflict with the mobility and the action of the painted platform in the field.

We are proud to conform to NATO STANAG 4319 “Counter-Surveillance Requirements for Future Main Battle Tanks Infrared / Thermal Aspects”

Key Features:

• Ease of Application (Spray Gun Paint):
• Fast and easy just like any military paint.
• After a Short Training by our Mobile Training Team customer can paint at any current painting facility or even at the field.

• Real Stealth Capability:

• The thermal signature reduction, the Infrared Cross Section, is reduced down to minimum or zero.
• Intermat paints perform with Real Stealth Capability in Near-IR, Mid-IR(3-5μm), Far-IR(8-12μm) and upto 20μm (SAT-recon): Multispectral performance for modern threats.
• Unlike obsolete fabrics solutions, paint is there on 24/7 basis to secretly protect your valuable asset from head to toe.

• Solar Reflective
• Extra feature which reduces surface temperature
• Ideal for desert or hot operational environments

• Maintenance Free
• Unlike fabrics, paint does not need any attention
• No extra weight, no extra time for deployment
• Fabrics suffer from tears or rip offs. Paint performs under any circumstances.

• Full Vehicle Mobility
• Paint does not affect in any way vehicle’s systems
• All hatches, doors, openings, guns, turrets, wheels or other systems are not affected.
• Fabrics obstruct vehicle’s easy passage from jungle or narrow passages. Paints do not.
• Paint can be applied on any vehicle modern or old. No restriction.

• Robust, effective & leading edge result
• Maximum durability due to advanced production techniques
• Our technology is combat proven.

• Available in ALL military hues and colors
• Intermat paints can be adapted to any given military pattern or color combination for Army, Navy or Air-Force requirements.
• Ultimate Protection
• Survivability is the key to win battles. Survivability starts with “Don’t be seen” because “You can’t hit what you can’t see”.This is Intermat's job!
• Simply, Intermat paints increase impressively the survivability rate and hence reduce drastically Probability of Kill(PoK).

Intermat Paints Passed the BS476-7-1997 test exhibiting No Flame Spread and No Ignition under all Test Parameters.
Application of the Intermat paint on a vehicle or other surface is not different from the application procedure & equipment used by any other car painter. Intermat paint can be applied from Depot level down to field level in fast or normal mode, after a short training. No special maintenance requirements-Paint & Forget!

"Close combat on sensor-rich battlefields of the future will be faster, more violent and intensely lethal unlike anything any of us have witnessed."

-Gen. Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army